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Once small hamlets surrounded by countryside, Marks Gate and North Chadwell Heath have seen major changes over the past century.



Our Heritage

About the Project

Our project explores the recent history of Marks Gate and North Chadwell Heath, as told by the people who live there. In partnership with North Meets South, Eastside Community Heritage collected oral history interviews with local people, who recalled their memories and experiences of both areas. They spoke about how the area has evolved over the years, mapping from the Second World War to the present day.

During the summer of 2022, we ran workshops at The Warren School, using our oral histories with local people to teach students about the heritage of Marks Gate and North Chadwell Heath and their school, which many of our interviewees had fondly remembered! We later worked with community groups in Marks Gate and North Chadwell Heath to co-design our exhibition, using quotations from the oral histories and photographs. 

"All places change, you know, some would say they’ve change for the worst, others would say they’ve changed for the better - but places just change."


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